pillows should be warm and soft – i love warm and soft pillows.

Bon Journo,
thanks to stemmen, sidetracked, beateXouzo and all the nice girls and boys, who made our little trip to hamburg such a blast. schnaps and the jim tablowski mafia had a lot of fun due to beer and people. we love beer and people! not all the people but some.

regular crewshot. (hamburg, 11.8.12)

next show comin’ up on saturday in münster at the bauwagenplatz. there will be a real nice fahrradtour from recklinghausen to münster starting on friday and ending up on saturday at the punkshow. if you and your bike would like to join check out this fancy facebook page

there are some releases comin’ up on HUGE MAJOR LABEL next month. get stoked!

in addition to that: NU STICKAZ R BOUT TA B BLOWN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now thats what I call good news.
xo, timmimarki

tourlaub was awesome, tape coming soon

hey crazy partypeople,
we had a really nice vacation this month!
thanks to nils, maria, carsten, felix, berni, hagen and everyone else who made this possible.
snäpzz and the jim tablowski hoodboys had such an awesome time.
we put some pictures up here, so you can do the lookylooky!
here is the song we played in aachen! its called waiting for december! enjoy! all hail to the mighty fö!

now we’re waiting for the tapes to arrive! its gonna be a blast! make shure to catch your copy.
got nothing left to say. i will order pizza right after finishing this boring article which actually nobody reads.

TJTE ain’t nothin ta fuck wit

coming soon: TJTE tape release

yo guys, your favourite band has been signed by a huge major label.
we are totally confused right now. everything seems so unreal.

just visit their website: www.hugemajorlabel.com

we will release our stuff on tape in the next few weeks, so be prepared!

if you are happy and you know it, visit us at our future shows:

30.06.2012 // Dortmund / FZW ca. 18 Uhr / Youth Brigade Festival
30.06.2012 // Dortmund / Subrosa / with reading by Basti Bielendorfer, Die Wattenscheider Schule
01.07.2012 // Aachen / Hauptquartier / with Tommy B.
03.07.2012 // Berlin / Ernst Thälmann Park
06.07.2012 // Mannheim / JUZ / with i refuse
07.07.2012 // Passau / Zakk

we love you.

things you should know

there are a few things you really should know:

what you really should know

we updated a few shows for the summer. make sure to come around. will be a lot of fun.

we are still searching for any kind of show.
maybe your basement, your rehearsal room, your local place to go or whatever.
let’s go bananas! just hit us up, we are cheap and horny to play!

it is summer and we all wear t-shirts. lot of fun.



we will play our first show on may 16. lets get stoked. we will play with some nice bands like willy fog, canoneer and cigarette crossfire. heres the flyer

see you there !!

aaah looky looky, another song recorded in our rehearsal room

bye bye (zu deutsch: tschüß tschüß)

JTE launches Facebook-Page

Our friends from Kirgizia asked us to establish a JTE-Facebookpage.
They seem to like this stuff and we couldn’t resist.
Hugs and kisses for the Kirghiz! <3

Наши друзья из Киргизии попросил нас установить JTE-страница на Facebook.
Они, кажется, нравится этот материал, и мы не могли сопротивляться.
Объятия и поцелуи на киргизском! <3