hey everyone wake up its the jim tablowski experience calling from doofmund.
we got great news you’ve all been waiting for since ever. in april we will go on tour with our friends in mad choice. we still need to fill a few dates in france, germany and belgium. so if you have any idea how to help us out please drop us a line via just check the shows section for the tourdates. another cool thing about to happen is the release of our Split 12″ with our buddys in Alien TV which will also take place in april i guess. it’s 5 catchy as hell punksongs by Alien TV and about 10 new Tablowski hits. finally…. ah and there will be shirts available in a short time. so long!!

new recordings

hey friends,
this weekend we’ve been to mannheim to record songs for our upcoming split longplayer with AlienTV! and to let you know: the recordings turned out totally awesome! we are really happy with it! thanks a lot to berny!!! the next two month we will not play concerts, but get the mix&master&artwork&everything ready for the release. in november we will hit the road again, so see all of you then at the latest!
your tjte

israel summer tour

hey kids,
long time no post, right?! sorry for that. we’ve been busy with playing shows, starting new bands (, writing new songs for upcoming split record with AlienTV (, eating pizza and rolling jibbitzzz! but it was worth the wait, cause now we got some big news: we will play a few shows in israel next month and are totally stoked for that! ain’t that something? more infos to come!

we filmed somethin’…

hello boys and girls, we have a videoclip for your viewing pleasure to offer. thanks to dirk who gave his camera to us, the partypeople who made this piece of shit look like a piece of art and to that dude who lend us his fog machine!! we will release our EP on vinyl in mid february, so watch out. happy birthday!

7 inch single about to hit you in the face!

happy holidays you bastard!

the jim tablowski experience got down to business and recorded a shitload of songs some days ago.
we will release some of them as an EP on vinyl. it will appear on the infamous huge major label in january!
keith made his way back to afganisthan to celebrate fistmas at home with his family! we miss him and are so happy to have him back soon to play some shows. fuck you!
looky looky, this is how our single will look like:

now you can go back to sleep, goodnight shithead!

“I am a fat hungry whale” – Moby Dick

hello theeeeeere,
lets all say “hi!” to famous kool keith whos playing the bass guitar for the experience now.
hes a nice dude to talk to, good in chess and wears a mustache, so no big deal, it was a good decision to honour him as a member of this crappy ensemble.
This is Keith on his 18th birthday:

anyway, we are about to record some new songs in the end of november. so excited about that, we love the new songs and we wrote them all by ourselves, with no help from anybody, not even our ghostwriterteam which accidently past away last tuesday on a boat.

thanks to ute and the AK47 and the lombego surfers for the nice show yesterday in düsseldorf. blah blah blah.



schwarzfahren ist anstrengend!

we will play passau again this weekend. it will be the kräuterlikörmassaker3000! be there or be elsewhere!

check out this incredible awesome announcement for this show!

we will play there with willy fog and if you got sturmfrei on sunday hit us up for crashin’ your parents living room because we are still searching for a venue to play on sunday on the way back to pott. whoa thats what i call a long sentence.

anyway, if you ask yourself what the huge major label is up to nowadays: here is the answer:
they will release the mighty live tape of allmighty BETRUNKEN IM KLAPPSTUHL next month.
releaseparty will take place in the FZW DORTMUND on 08/11/12.
here is a picture of ulf: